Why is Portugal the Best Place for Holidays

Portugal Tour

We all crave for holidays to get rid of the monotony of everyday life and embrace some rejuvenation. While vacations are a much awaited event, it is often difficult to plan one. Right from choosing the destination to making the arrangements, it all takes considerable amount of effort. International holidays are majorly sought after. If you are looking for a destination for your next international trip, there is one place that is gaining tremendous popularity and that is Portugal. Here is why a holiday in Portugal is an awesome idea.

1. Immerse in the old-world charm of Lisbon

Old world necessarily does not mean historical places. If you are someone who gets bowled over by everything that is old school and so 80’s, Lisbon is the town for you. With the busy life that we have in Metropolitan cities, most of us have almost forgot what old world charm feels like. That is why a lot of people head do this place to completely immerse themselves in the charm of Lisbon. This city is set against the backdrop of the Atlantic Ocean and looks like a Latin fairytale of age old traditions. This is one of the cities where public transport still means old wooden frames that rumble their way through the city. These trams are more than a century old.

2. Sip on Classic Wines, that no Other Place Can Offer

That is because wine is Portugal’s national drink. No, we are not kidding. The varieties of wine that are available across the country are the ones that you will never get elsewhere. Almost all bars and restaurants in the country sell the fortified wine. But if you really wish to engage in classic wine and that too in large quantities, you should visit the plenty of off-licence places that sell the classic vintages and wines that are kept in more than 100 year old bottles. This reason is enough to attract wine lovers from all over the world to Portugal.

3. Potterheads Cannot find a Better Place than this to get Close to Hogwarts

Wondering how? Well, JK Rowling actually taught English in Portugal back in the 1990 and used to visit the Livraria Lello bookstore regularly. This happens to be one of the most famous book shops in Porto. It so happens that the Hogwarts library that was described in the Harry Potter books and shown in the movies was actually inspired from this particular library. With its decorative bookcases, carved wooden ceilings and the iconic staircases, Portugal draws millions of Potterheads from around the world throughout the year.

4. It is one of the most Affordable Travel Destinations in Europe

Do we need to say more? A lot of travel destinations have been hit by the blow of Brexit, but Portugal remains comparatively unaffected. Portugal still accepts Euro, but it is one of the most affordable travel destinations in Europe. So, the best part is that travellers get to see the actual Western Europe but at the price of eastern Europe. Portugal is the second most affordable destination in Europe after Bulgaria.

5. Portugal’s out of the World Beaches Attract Beach Bums from Around the World

Portugal’s exquisite beaches are something that attract ocean lovers like magnets. With the weather being super comfortable throughout the year and some amazing seaside resorts that this country offers, Portugal is on everyone’s bucket list now.

6. The Offbeat Secret Cities Hiding in Plain Sight

While for most tourists, Europe trips mean the more popular cities like Paris, Venice etc., Portugal has some amazing and unexplored cities that are hiding in plain sight. Cities like Guimarães, Tavira and Sintra are the cities that have not been spotted by tourists yet. So, if you want to explore a place and see what a beautiful place looks like before being spotted by travellers, book your Portugal holiday tour package now!

7. People can’t stop wondering at the beauty of this chapel made from skulls and bones

The Capela dos Ossos (Chapel of Bones) in Evora is a chapel that attracts millions of tourists all through the year. Wondering what is so special about this chapel? Well, the interiors of this chapel are done with actual human skulls and bones that have been collected from more than 5000 corpses. This chapel was built in the 16th century and still continues to stand proud and magnificent.

8. Luxurious Stay is Quite Affordable Here

Since you already know now that even though Portugal accepts Euros, it is way cheaper than other European countries. This country has some amazing resorts and stays that would have been quite expensive elsewhere. Because luxurious hotels are so affordable here, people make bookings throughout the year to come here and stay in a royal manner.

If these reasons are not enough to make you want to book a holiday in Portugal, we don’t know what will. A European country that is not heavy on the pocket, but still mesmerizingly beautiful- is portugal!