How to Enjoy Koh Samui Nightlife Full Moon Party

Koh Samui nightlife Tour

A group of tourists decided to party on the beautiful white sands lined with palm trees at the island Koh Phagan where you can see the most beautiful full moon. The main party still takes place at the crescent-shaped beach of Haad Rin. The party which was started in the 1980’s has never really stopped. Every month at full moon the full moon parties take place at Koh Phagan which is a short boat’s ride from Koh Samui Island. The full moon party here can be described as a rave party that takes place from dusk to dawn.

If you love partying then the full moon party will be a dream come true. So go ahead and book yourself a Thailand tour package to hit Koh Samui or you can book an exclusive Koh Samui tour package with Make You Travel to have a safe and hassle-free partying experience without having to worry about booking a hotel which will be jam-packed and expensive during the full moon. The reason most people book their hotels at Koh Samui is due to the cost factor as the resorts and hotels at Koh Phagan can get too expensive during the full moon, almost ten times the usual fare and they will require you to book your room for a minimum three to four days. So many prefer to stay at Koh Samui and take the short boat ride to Koh Phagan.

The beach has an entrance fee to enter the full moon party where you will find many beach bars playing their own music. There is something for everyone at this party. From trance to electronic dance music the speakers blare them all loudly. The full moon party hosts anywhere from 10-30 thousand people at a time and the parties keep getting bigger and better each time. The bars sell buckets of alcohol and beer seems to be flowing everywhere. Many foreigners crowd the party with beachwear, body paint, and neon paints.

It is common knowledge that when there are huge crowds, lots of alcohol, drugs and loud music are blended together then there are crazy things bound to happen. You can see people passed out on the beach or performing funny antics. It will surely be a night to remember and one of a kind experience if partying with such a huge crowd. People lose all inhibitions and barriers with the sole intention of enjoying themselves and dance away the beautiful full moon night.

You should take care of a few safety tips to ensure that your experience at the full moon party is full of joy and not one that you will regret.

  • Make sure to keep a photocopy of your passport with you and keep the original safely at your hotel
  • Be careful not to accept any drugs from anyone at the party. Apart from being illegal, it can prove to be dangerous
  • Be careful about not accepting any drinks or even food from any stranger as they could be laced with drugs
  • Be safe as there are a lot of thieves at the party and make sure to keep your valuables safe as finding the thief in the crowd will be nearly impossible
  • Keep just enough money with you for the entrance fee, drinks, food and your ride to be safe.
  • Make sure to keep your hotel’s phone number with you in case of an emergency
  • Travel from Koh Samui to the Koh Phagan in the speedboat well before 6 pm and travel back to Koh Samui after sunrise. The ride can get very crowded after 6 pm and travel in the dark before sunrise with heavily drunk and drugged co passengers could spell risky.

It is easy to get carried away when you are in the throes of partying spirit but keep your senses about you and purchase drinks which are opened in front of you. It is never a good idea to purchase drugs from anyone at these parties as most of the time the local police could be undercover trying to pose as drug peddlers and drugs are illegal in Thailand. Lots of alcohol, drugs, and smoking with the right music and dancing will have many people losing all inhibitions and openly having sex at the party. In case you find yourself a date and taking it further then make sure to use protection. Even though there are certain risks and quite a lot of precautions need to be taken to get to the full moon party, it surely is a once in a lifetime experience.

You don’t necessarily have to be young to enjoy the Koh Samui nightlife being young at heart and having a daring spirit with a zeal to enjoy life to it’s fullest is what matters most here. You can dance your heart out like no one is watching, dance all night till dawn, drink your fill and make memories in the party of a lifetime. If you are looking to party for a week or more then look no further and book the nightlife party tour with Make You Travel for the best parties that you will ever attend.