How Can I Make my Switzerland Honeymoon Memorable

Switzerland Honeymoon

A Switzerland honeymoon is a honeymoon dream for numerous people.Such is the charm of this country. Regarded as one of the most romantic of all places on Earth, it makes couples dream of a Switzerland honeymoon even before they get married. This country is all sorts of amazing and never fails to impress anyone. Whether you go solo just with your partner, or you book an Europe group trip, a honeymoon in Switzerland is always going to be special. But if you want to make your Switzerland honeymoon memorable, these are the things you absolutely have to do.

Visit the Jungfrau Region

Every corner in Switzerland is a traveller’s delight with spectacular scenery. But among them the Jungfrau Region is one that you should not absolutely miss. This region boasts of huge snow covered peaks of three prime mountains of Switzerland- the Jungfrau, the Monch and The Eiger. From here, you can relish bewitching views of the lush green meadows and beautiful valleys in the region. Standing away from the noise of metropolitan cities, this region is considered as a lover’s paradise among all other regions in Switzerland. Even the various tour companies that provide Switzerland Honeymoon Tour Packages swear by this destination for honeymoon couples. Be ready if your heart skips a beat or two when you reach here.

Be a Part of the Local Culture and Participate in the Local Festivals

The best way to get to know a place is to be a part of its local culture. In Switzerland, there are a number of festivals that locals celebrate throughout the year. If you want your honeymoon to be full of fun and entertainment, participate in one of these. The kind of festivals vary from wine tasting festivals to Swiss folk music festivals, arts and crafts festivals and even wrestling festivals. These give you a true taste of the country’s culture. The most famous festival that is held here is the Fasnacht Spring Carnival in Basel that takes place between February and March. A visit to these festivals is a great sneak peak into the culture of this beautiful land.

Take a Romantic walk at Lucerne

A honeymoon trip should be all about romance blossoming. Lucerne is known as one of the most romantic places in the country. You can take a walk hand in hand with your partner at the bridge which is surrounded by serene turquoise blue water on all sides. This town is car free, so you can roam about in a carefree manner without worrying about vehicle crowds, pollution and horns.

Head to Zurich, if you want your Honeymoon to be full of Colours

Zurich is a city that is full of life and colours. This city is a perfect blend of both the traditional and contemporary style of living. The city is set in between lush green small hills and the River Limmat that is the most serene shade of blue. This was once a village but it has now transformed to one of the most happening places and how! Newly married couples find this city a paradise with its perfect combination of natural beauty and modern luxury. The best time to visit this city is during the summer months. So, if you are planning to book a Switzerland honeymoon package during this time, do visit Zurich to make it more memorable.

Visit Geneva if you Want Nothing but Peace on your Honeymoon trip

Different people look for different things on their honeymoon trips. If you are a couple who wants peace and a few days away from noise, think no further than Geneva. It is strange how Geneva even after being the second most populated city in Switzerland, still manages to be called as the Capital of Peace. But that is the beauty of it. Geneva stands between the Alpine mountains and the hilly terrains of Jura. That makes this city give a view of the Mont Blanc that is out of the world. Geneva is the ideal spot for some alone time together and romance. It is located on the banks of the Lake Geneva.

Head to Interlaken for its Spectacular Scenery

It is impossible to find any place in Switzerland that is void of scenic beauty. Every corner of this country provides breathtaking views and magical scenic beauty. But Interlaken deserves a special mention. This place is nestled between the Lake Thun and Lake Brienz. That is where it gets its name from. Its mountain scenery is something to die for, with it being surrounded by Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau. Interlaken also provides ample opportunities for adventure sports. So if you want to satiate your adventurous spirit amidst the mountains and lakes, here is where you should be. The ideal time to visit Interlaken is between June to August. The Jungfrau Music Festival, Greenfield Festival, Interlaken Classics are major events here that are not worth missing.

We all want our honeymoon in Switzerland to be memorable, but most of us are clueless how to make it unforgettable. Now that you know everything you need to do to make sure that your honeymoon in Switzerland remains a unique one, do not delay. Visit all these places and come back home with our heart filled with happiness.