Best Honeymoon Destinations Outside India

Best Honeymoon Destinations

Getting married anytime soon and looking for the best romantic getaway to mark the beginning of your journey to eternity? You are on the right page if you are hunting for the ideal honeymoon destination. Going for a honeymoon is the best way to create fond memories. Marriage was all about rituals and parties so honeymoon will get you the much-needed time for relaxation. A great opportunity to spend some quality time together before you get back to your usual life as a couple, a honeymoon adds the right spark to your equation.

Deciding an ideal destination for a honeymoon is a tough choice especially due to the abundance of options available.

Here is a list of the best destinations out of India that will be perfect for your honeymoon:

  1. Dubai

Dubai Tour

Offering the best of all worlds, Dubai is one of the most entertaining tourist spots. A perfect getaway for the newlyweds, it offers an opportunity to fulfill most of the dreams on your bucket list. Be it romance, luxury, adventure, nature or cuisine, Dubai has it all. There are lots of adventurous activities to indulge in on the trip that will make your honeymoon memorable. Here is what it has to offer:

  • A visit to the famous Burj Khalifa will take you to another world with its magnificence and grandeur. A breakfast on the top is an extravagant treat that you must indulge in on your honeymoon.
  • The guided tour of Ferrari World will enrich your honeymoon with fun and adventure with thrilling rides to pump up the adrenaline.
  • Your honeymoon to Dubai is not complete unless you shop to your heart’s content. Gold, perfumes, dates and gadgets are just some of the amazing things you can buy on your Dubai tour, the list is endless.
  • A romantic drive in the vast desert, the beautiful beaches, glamorous buildings and beautiful monuments, all the perfect elements make Dubai an ultimate destination for an unforgettable trip.

Book your Dubai tour package today and pack your bags to enjoy your time with your love.

2. Singapore

Singapore Travel

The island city is definitely a beautiful destination for your honeymoon as it is a true marvel of sights and sounds. The amazing display of water and light to the serene beaches or the cruise rides, Singapore truly treats the honeymooners with extreme love. The spectacular architecture, exotic hotels and resorts, lush gardens, contemporary art and the coastal walks everything about a Singapore tour will sure bewitch you with its beauty and versatility. The Changi Point, Bukit Batok Town Park, Botanic garden, Sentosa island, St. John’s island are some destinations that you can visit while you are here. Book a Singapore tour package today and get ready for an amazing time with your spouse.

3. Thailand

Thailand Travel

Vegas of East, Thailand is one of the most sought-after tourist destinations. It is the perfect place for a memorable honeymoon that has it all from beaches to local culture to flea markets. Thailand caters to all your fantasies with its serene beaches, picturesque landscapes, exotic resorts and friendly locals. It will delight you with amazing food to treat your taste buds, and numerous adventure opportunities. Below are some other destinations that you can cover as a part of your Thailand tour package:

Phuket: It offers a great opportunity to walk hand in hand at the shore with your loved one and also to shop till you drop. What else do you need from your ideal honeymoon?
Krabi island province: It is the perfect romantic escape that lets you get lost amidst the beaches and green stretches.

And this is not all, you can indulge in adventure sports and spend some amazing moments together scooting through the waters or snorkeling underneath.

4. Greece

Greece tour

The white and blue outlandish destination Greece, calls out all the newlyweds to get immersed in unforeseen beauty. Clear, clean waters, exotic beaches, and wonderful climate make the perfect mix for a romantic getaway for the couples in love. See the beautiful corals or just dive between the two skies with your partner’s hand entwined in yours. Stargaze at night as you dream of the beautiful future. Luscious delicacies and strolls in the virgin rainforests along with water sports and resort luxuries make it an unforgettable experience.

5. Morocco

Moroccp Travel

Morocco makes for a fantasy honeymoon in the desert, while you dive in the blue waters of Mediterranean cliffs and stroll at the sandy beaches of Atlantic. Morocco definitely offers an opportunity to live your honeymoon in luxury. Step in the medina, listen to the prayers and tingle your senses with the aroma of spices, sights of antiques and the splash of colors. Escape with your loved one to another land as the aroma of world’s best tea fills your nostrils and then the soul or simply steal glances at the sunset. You can sleep in the desert under the star-studded sky and get lost in the abounding love.

As you embark on the best journey of your life, take some time off and indulge in a romantic getaway and celebrate the togetherness while you develop a strong bond with one another.